What are FIRST Badges?

Meet our most successful badge member on our team 

David has done 6 badges total.  He has done Communication level 1, Participation and Communication level 1, Electronics level 1 and 2, Engineering and design level 1, and Machining level 1.  He did all the level 1 badges he could because he thought he had to but, then he found out that it wasn't required and decided to continue on anyways doing more badges.  He says to all people out there who haven't ever done a badge before to do them because they are a good way to do things that you have never done before.


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FIRST Badges are digital online programs that you can do to increase your knowledge of things in robotics.  There are badges for almost everything that is done in robotics.  They can help you to learn more about what other sub-teams do without having to join that subteam.