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Gull Lake FRC Team #4381

The Gull Lake Community Schools Foundation gives groups money for them to start new ideas and help them get off the ground. They also give scholarships to help people get through school and learn more about what they want to do in the future. They were founded in 1983 in order to help people in the Gull Lake Schools and Community. They also help teachers with their lessons and give them money to help teach students. Their goal is to expand every ​student learning abilities so nothing can hold them back and stop them from learning and following their dreams.

The Gull Lake Community Schools Foundation has been very generous with their donations. This year they have given out more than $79,000 just in grants! They help people’s ideas become a reality. Not to mention they have given out $90,000 in scholarships in order to help people succeed in their schooling and their future careers. They have helped a lot of people fulfill their dreams and have better lives all because they were given these grants. You can learn more at their website ( ) and help support them by donating and the money will go to other people who need grants

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