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Sponsor Spotlight

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Gull Lake FRC Team #4381

This month’s sponsor spotlight is Hackett Construction and Millwright Services in Battle Creek, Michigan. Hackett does heavy machinery work, as well as industrial construction projects. They believe in doing everything efficiently, and safely. We are extremely grateful for their annual donation to keep our team up and running.

Hackett is a well trained, well equipped company, with a very efficient work force. They work fast, effective, and stay in the budget for the job. They are equipped with heavy machinery for large, industrial jobs, or smaller tools for smaller jobs. Either way, they care about getting the job done, and doing it professionally, according to the job requirements.

We are deeply saddened to hear of the untimely and unfortunate death of Mr. Gerald Thenen, the CEO and President of Hackett Construction & Millwright Services.  Hackett has been a loyal sponsor to our team for three years, providing donations to help keep our team running.   We sincerely thank Hackett and Mr. Thenen for all they have done for us.

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