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Gull Lake FRC Team #4381

                                   : This is a list of a few items that we will need for our new build facility and upcoming robotics program. If you want to donate items NOT on these lists, PLEASE ASK as we have limited storage space available. Our Head coach is requesting cash donations instead of tools. Ultimately, PLEASE ASK before donating items not on these lists. Thank you!! Gull Lake Area Robotics is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and donations may be tax deductible. Please contact us at if you need a donation receipt.  Please send any donations with a robotics student to a meeting at the build facility. Any other donations please contact us at to arrange a drop-off or pickup time and date.  Thank you for your support!!

Thank you Mary, Jim, and Ashley from the UPS store on Gull Lake Road for the in-kind donation of printing our sponsorship packets. Twisted Devils appreciate your support.

Introducing, GLAR's 2018 logo!