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Congratulations to Mr. English for getting the Outstanding Coach/Mentor Award at the FLL competitions last weekend. This further shows the amazing mentor base that supports the Twisted Devils.

   To celebrate Independence day the robotics team went and marched in the  Richland Parade. We at least one member from each Gull Lake Robotics division (FLL, FTC, FRC) came. It went from the Gull Lake Middle School through downtown to Grace Spring Church. We grew our community outreach by showing off the robots and passing out candy to the kids. When we go to the parade we also spread the word about robotics and encourage others to join.  Our team has gained a lot of recognition and it is fun to hear young children cheering when they see our robots pass by.  Most popular by far is “Gary” our robot from Aerial Assist, with the snail themed ball retention panels.  The Twisted Devils appreciate the Richland Area Business Association for their sponsorship of this annual community event.

We, Gull Lake High School’s Twisted Devils, Team 4381, are very excited and happy about our season so far! Along with hundreds of successful, safe build hours, we have participated in 2 competitions.  First, we attended the Lakeview Event, hosted by our friends at Q Branch Team  4327.  We were able to have a successful, fun competition with many local teams from our community and other areas.  More recently, we are proud to have hosted another incredible competition at our very own Gull Lake High School.   There were many high spirits at this lively event!

    Our team had many wonderful learning experiences at Lakeview.  Our drive team was able to better their understandings of the control and handling of our robot.  The whole team learned which strategies worked best for our robot, and how to execute them in more efficient ways.  Our team placed 36th in the game portion of the competition.  However, we were picked for quarter final alliance and made our way up to the semi finals.  We had even better luck at our home event.  We placed 8th, and ended up as the 5th place alliance captain!  



Thank you to Teresa for making a website about what happens at robotics.  She wrote the article to showcase what our team is like behind the scenes compared to what people generally think about what robotics is.  The link to the website is on the toolbar on the left.

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