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Dedicated to Safety in FIRST

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Team Accounts
To facilitate report retrieval and improve security, each team using our app has one email address which is authorized to retrieve reports. This can be the address of a coach, mentor, safety captain, etc. If your team is new to our app, please use the link below to request an account

Our team has many different safety programs, mostly coming from our year-long safety awareness efforts. We have forms for when our students or mentors receive injuries, large or small. The forms keep track of the time, place, and the part of the body that was injured. We have the person write down what they will do to prevent a future injury and then they have to sign. In addition to this, we have an app that is available to all teams that provides a logging function for injuries. We provide safety bags that we hand out to other teams, during competitions, containing a few minor medical supplies, and a QR code so any team can use our app. We have simple first aid kits for rookie teams at competitions instead of bags, so they can get their own safety program up and running. We also have a system in use during meetings. This involves going around the shop we build at and making sure everyone is being safe and wearing proper safety equipment. If they are doing something wrong, then we give them a reminder to fix the problem and mark them down for an infraction. If a person gets three infractions in the matter of a few weeks, they are assigned a cleaning task. This goes the other way as well. If we see a student or mentor going above and beyond in safety, we give them a gold star. If they get ten gold stars, they get a reward.

On our team, we have fifteen members AED, CPR, and First Aid certified. We spent six hours making sure everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Our safety binder stores all of our team health forms, CPR, AED, and First Aid certificates, incident reports, etc. Additionally, we have First-Aid kits stationed around our work area, and we have one for our display at competitions, as well as in the sling bags that we carry at a competition.

We have implemented a safety program into our FTC teams since they did not have much of a program. We did this by making sure each team has a safety captain, first aid kits, as well as making a new safety manual based off of our customized safety manual. We have also sent an email to the head of FTC in hopes of getting more safety implemented into the FTC program.

Another part of our program is our MSDS binder. Our MSDS binder contains information about every chemical we could come in contact with while working on the robot. This ranges from glue to battery terminal cleaner, to paint. We have biohazard stickers that we put on containers that list if the contents are flammable, reactive, the risks to your health, or the need to use personal protection. We also have forms that keep track of each member’s allergies, medications they currently take, and emergency contacts in case they are needed. Everyone on our team has name tags that have that person's medical information on the back so in case anyone gets injured, at the competition, then someone near them can understand any underlying conditions they may have.

During the competition, we are focused on being as safe as possible. For example, every night we make sure all the tools and parts are where they should be and our floor and tables are clean for the morning. Our MSDS sheets are out on our display where everyone can see them. We spend a good portion of our day walking around, making friends, and giving our presentation to other teams and judges while still making sure everyone is safe in the pits. When we can, we spend some of our spare time in the stands cheering for our team and other teams. Most of the time, half of us walk around, while the other half are answering questions and making sure everyone is safe in our pit. Another thing we do is that we check all of our first aid kits and eyewash stations to make sure nothing is expired. We worked on finding the fastest way to get to the nearest hospital from any competition we are at in case an emergency happens to occur, so we know where to go. We made a kahoot test that the whole robotics team plays over a lot of safety rules.

This year, our safety team consists of 4 members, one is a freshman, one is a sophomore, and two are juniors. Over the years we have won 7 industrial safety awards and 14 hard hats. We went to the World Championship three years ago and met 13 teams who are from different countries. This really broadened our perspectives.  This year we are in the process of making an award for all the people who worked very hard on their safety animation but didn’t qualify for the FIRST sponsored award for their work.  In this way, we aim to spread our safety culture beyond just our team.

Report Retrieval
To retrieve reports for your team, click the button below. You must have a team account (described to the right). After filling out the form, an email with an attached .zip file will be sent to the address registered to your team. This will contain all the reports in the date range indicated, as well as an automatically generated PDF analyzing the reports.