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Dedicated to Safety in FIRST

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Team Accounts
To facilitate report retrieval and improve security, each team using our app has one email address which is authorized to retrieve reports. This can be the address of a coach, mentor, safety captain, etc. If your team is new to our app, please use the link below to request an account

This year, our safety team consists of 2 members, one sophomore and one senior. Over the years we have won 5 industrial safety awards and 13 hard hats. We went to the World Championship three years ago and met 13 teams who are from different countries. This really broadened our perspectives.  This year we are in the process of making an award for all the people who worked very hard on their safety animation but didn’t qualify for the FIRST sponsored award for their work.  In this way, we aim to spread our safety culture beyond just our team.

During the competition, we are focused on being as safe as possible. For example every night we make sure all the tools and parts are where they should be and our floor and tables are clean for the morning. Our MSDS sheets are out on our display where everyone can see them. We spend a good portion of our day walking around, making friends, and giving our presentation to other teams and judges while still making sure everyone is safe in the pits. When we can, we spend some of our spare time in the stands cheering for our team and other teams. Most of the time half of us walk around while the other half are answering questions and making sure everyone is safe in our pit. We also make sure to check all our first aid kits and eyewash stations to make sure nothing is expired. We also work on the fastest way to get to the nearest hospital from any competition we are at in case of an emergency happens to occur we know where to go.   We also make a kahoot test that the whole robotics team plays over a lot of safety rules.

Report Retrieval
To retrieve reports for your team, click the button below. You must have a team account (described to the right). After filling out the form, an email with an attached .zip file will be sent to the address registered to your team. This will contain all the reports in the date range indicated, as well as an automatically generated PDF analyzing the reports.