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Gull Lake FRC Team #4381

Pfizer was first founded in 1849. They set their purpose as everyone deserves to live a healthy life by believing that it drives them to provide access to medicines that are safe, effective, and affordable.  Pfizer has been trying to find the most effective treatments for things like Cancer and discovering new ways to treat rare diseases like Hemophilia.  From antiparasitics to antibiotics to birth control, they have made many prescription drugs to help the people of the world have a better life.

Pfizer is a global company but the one nearest to us is the one located in Portage, Michigan.  They help a lot of people including teams like ours, The Twisted Devils.  Their donation allows us to buy potentiometers, plexiglass, aluminium for the frame of our robot.  Pfizer is one of our main sponsors and we thank them a lot for their donation and support of our team.   

Introducing Steampunk Steve, GLAR's 2017 logo!